Voice of Silence.

Voice of Silence describes scenes from the natural world that have been photographed, digitized and altered electronically. Just as these images have been changed so too has our natural world been changed by science and technology. The subjects include wild foxglove that is all but extinct in heavily industrialized and populated areas such as in Ontario and Quebec. It still is enchantingly abundant in western Canada. The tiger lily, facing extinction in the wild is under the protection of the Saskatchewan government. Precious fossils that are history books on the past are increasingly lost forever through artificial flooding or excavation.

Voice of Silence Small
Title: Voice of Silence. Click for a larger image.

These technologically assisted images attempt to address the need to look more closely at our planet; to its needs as well as our own needs; to look beyond scientific industrialized empires to a broader more caring world view. The achievements of modern technocratic society have been a mixed blessing; our profit maximizing competitive attitudes need transforming because our present values of growth, power and domination are not sustainable.