Prayer for a Planet.

Evening Telegram Report, Small
Title: Evening Telegram Report. Click for a larger image..

This work was begun while I was artist in residence at St. Michael’s Printshop in St. John’s, Newfoundland. I wanted to make a statement about the sorry state of the environment and our relationship to our natural world. The prints complemented my project, A Prayer for the Species: A Prayer for the Planet. To encourage a more participatory, socially interactive framework for art-making, Pacific Northwest artists were invited to write his/her wish for the planet in a word, a sentence or a poem on a small environmentally friendly "prayer flag". Artists from the Atlantic region were invited to do the same. These hopes, dreams or prayers were placed just below the high tide line at a wonderfully wild shoreline called Middle Cove on the Avalon peninsula of Newfoundland. Viewers silently read the messages and then watched them wash out to sea. This performance was carried on CBC Atlantic TV and radio. Some of the etchings from the body of work that resulted from this experience are included in this exhibition.

Participants At Middle Beach
Title: Participation at Middle Beach.
Prayer Flag
Title: Prayer Flag.
Prayer Flag 2
Title: Prayer Flag 2.
Prayer Flag 3
Title: Prayer Flag 3.
Title: Poster.

A Prayer for the Species: A Prayer for the Planet took place during a residence at St. Michael’s Printshop, St. John’s, Newfoundland during the summer of 1992. The prints from this project were exhibited at the North Vancouver City Hall, March, 1997.