If We Build It They Will Come.

The title of this exhibition was inspired by Kevin Costner’s movie about baseball called Field of Dreams. In the movie, the protagonist believes that if he builds a baseball field both the players and fans will come.

We in the lower mainland find ourselves in much the same scenario. The developers continue to build ever bigger houses with the same philosophy: if we build it they will come. The acres of enormous houses that now fill what used to be wooded hillsides and productive agricultural land are often bereft of the most fundamental concerns of design such as scale and harmony.

In these random photographs I have playfully heightened the “monster” persona. The titles are taken from statements by famous architects who practised in the earlier part of this century as they discussed the homes they were designing in that period. We can only imagine what their comments might have been should they have witnessed our late century house construction. As I poke gentle fun at this building explosion, I hope the altered photographs serve also to protect the privacy of the individuals who live in them.

The Wedding Cake
Title: The Wedding Cake.
Title: Poster.

On entering this exhibition one follows a 16 foot long 2”x6” fir board that is covered with transfers of newspaper articles denouncing this new trend in home building. The cibachromes are surrounded with 6” wide pastel plaster frames to echo the innocuous, over used construction material of the time. Text from statements by Bauhaus architects such as Walter Gropius and American Frank Lloyd Wright were also hung.

A solo exhibition at the Seymour Art Gallery, Deep Cove, BC. October 16 to November 2, 1998.