As I look over my file of statements for various exhibitions, I realize my soul is tied tightly to the land, its history and culture. Most of the work I have produced is concerned with how this has changed the environment and our attitude about it. For example, in 1996 deeply intrigued with Simon Shama’s book, Landscape and Memory, I spent a month in northern Italy. My base at Lake Como allowed me to photograph the gardens of the old villas in the area. From this came a series of photomontages in which I questioned how much seeing has to do with individual memory. Each person brings his knowledge of history, art, and the layers of memory and myth that are associated with old cultures to what he sees. Another series (still to be exhibited) called Paradise, briefly examines the history of the use of this term and goes on to show photographs taken on my travels, mostly in Canada, of places called "Paradise." The question being, if paradise is so special why do we name our place of business (often mundane) after this special place? Have we become workaholics and have lost the ability to enjoy leisure?

Self Portrait
Title: Self Portrait.

At the same time I have been photographing the prairies. The images are simplified and lush with the colour of changing seasons. I grew up on a farm near Winnipeg and this is undoubtedly why I am drawn back to the land of the big sky.

There have been other shows concerned with the environment. Voice of Silence, which was an installation of transparencies of wild flowers in danger of extinction because of industrial and urban development. This was followed by a performance, installation and series of prints called A Prayer for the Species that included all forms of flora and fauna being destroyed. If We Build it They Will Come, was about the monster houses. Rather than offend families living in the houses photographed, I tweaked them with Photoshop so that they weren’t as recognizable. The frames of each were of wide pastel stucco. The follow up show, They Came, is in progress. The theme of Landscape & Memory was repeated in Carved in Stone but with less emphasis on public gardens and more on the use of stone in all cultures.

The Space Between
Title: The Spaces Between.
At Work
Title: Photo of Artist at Work.

A keen interest and appreciation of cemeteries has produced a body of work photographed in Canada and Europe on the development and tradition of burial grounds through the centuries. The series called Grave Matters, includes prehistoric sites such as Tara and Knowth in Ireland, Mayan ruins, Victorian garden cemeteries in Paris such as Pere Lachaise and Montmarte and many grave sites in Canada.